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Baby Kardashian Sisters

Jul 23, 2009 Author: matthew | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics


Kim shares yet another legacy photo from her stash, showing her and sister Kourtney in matching outfits but in different colors. They were visiting their grandparents in San Diego when this pretty and old-school photo was taken.

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By now, it shouldn’t be a question anymore how Kim gets her tight sexy body. The one particularly, of many, where she wore striped black tights for Pepsi Max’s Bullrun Rally.

It probably also is Kim’s greatest joy to know that people really enjoy her workout videos, and of course, its benefits. She is actually grateful and happy particularly because somebody submitted her own results from working out with Kim’s fitness video.

Kim recently released Fit in Your Jeans by Friday, her very own workout video. Alissa, who posted on, shared her own results after working out with Kim’s DVD. She actually gained fruitful results in just 5 days. The left ones are the after-workout results.

Alissa shared, “I never thought you could see results in just five days”. She adds, “Kim did a great job motivating while looking fabulous of course (does the girl sweat?!?!)… So, Kim, thanks for the great work out!”

Kim was extremely delighted by the news. She even responded by saying that she does sweat, especially with the set lights on for the workout vid.

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Kim shared her low key independence day in Malibu. She didn’t go extravagant and lavish on celebrating the american independence as she spent her time with her friends.

Later that day, they went to Kim’s mom’s house and climbed to the rooftop to watch the fireworks. They had a very relaxing night the rest of the independence day.

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The media is all over Kim’s revelation of her girl crush on Megan Fox when she talked about it during the Tranformers 2 premiere. She said that Megan’s just the girl to like.

She also share more about her as she revealed her favorite childhood cartoon. Guess who? Well, without further ado, it’s Dennis the Menace! She claims that he’s her alter ego. She acts like a naughty little kid as can be seen on the TV screen.

She blogs, “Aside from revealing my girl crush recently, I also revealed my favorite childhood cartoon… Dennis the Menace! He’s my alter ego, haha! The naughty little kid I lived vicariously through through the TV screen.”

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According to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter upon arriving at South Africa, she said, “We are here in Botswana, South Africa! Wow what a long flight!” She really is very generous to share a lot about her. Botswana isn’t a city, though, as it is a country. Well, all of us probably know that.

Along with Kim is Khloe, her sister, and Reggie Bush, her boyfriend. They’re in there for a humanitarian trip.

Also, on Kim’s Twitter page, she posted a very sexy swimsuit photo. Check it out below:


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