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Kim Kardashian Oscars

An extremely glamorous Kim Kardashian turned up to Elton John’s annual Oscars party looking her best. Kim wore an elegant and demure black gown with plenty of accessories in the form of large bangles and beautiful earrings.

Her hair was done immaculately in 1960’s Hollywood glamor style and her makeup was somewhat subdued. Kourtney Kardashian also attended the party and wore a beautiful white Grecian style gown with plenty of gold accessories.

Kourtney was positively glowing, possibly a side effect of being pregnant with her second child, already known to be a girl.

Kim Kardashian was tweeting her approval or disapproval or the fashion that various actresses were wearing on the red carpet, with her favorite being Angelina Jolie’s fun and sexy style. Kim tweeted: “Wow Angelina went fun & sexy!!!! LOVE”

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Kim Kardashian QVC Red Carpet Style

Kim Kardashian QVC Red Carpet Style

Kim Kardashian has made an appearance at the annual QVC Red Carpet Style event and was looking her best! Kim wore a figure hugging black dress which showed off her voluptuous body and donned some bright red lipstick and large gold earings.

Kim didn’t seem bothered by recent rumors about her which have appeared in the press. One of the rumors was that there was a 2nd Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, with images from the tape being released in recent days. Kardashian has denied that it is her in the tape, despite the images displaying otherwise.

Another rumor that has been leaked by Ray J, the rapper who appeared in the initial Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, is that Kim cheated on her first husband. Ray J claims that Kim was having a sexual relationship with him while married, something that Kardashian strongly denies.

The other rumor is that Kim might be restarting her relationship with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush! Bush and Kardashian dated for a couple of years before breaking up, then getting back together, then breaking up again! They were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and have been spotted lunching together on multiple occasions recently.

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New Kim Kardashian Sex Video?

New Kim Kardashian Sex Video?

Pictures leaked by Internet site hip hop website Mediatakeout reportedly show Kim Kardashian in some very compromising positions with a white male leading some to predict the imminent release of a new Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.

The photos show what looks like Kim Kardashian performing oral sex on an unknown white male. It started the gossip mills going – could it be a disgruntled Kris Humphries leaking pictures of their sex life together? Or possibly another man and the real reason Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries ended up getting divorced.

Of course it’s not Kim Kardashian’s first time around with a sex tape, after the release of a sex tape featuring her and rapper Ray J in 2007, that was incredibly popular on the Internet.

Years after that tape came out, Kim claims to be embarrassed about the entire thing, so you would think it’s unlikely she’d let another boyfriend or husband film her have sex again!

Click here to see the alleged Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Photos (warning: Graphic images!)

Kim Kardashian was well rewarded by the sale of her first sex tape, earing an estimated $5 million from it. The publicity also increased her fame and allowed her to build on the Kim Kardashian brand.

So what do you think, are the images fake or has Kim Kardashian been busted again?!

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Kim Kardashian goes to Church

Feb 6, 2012 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian goes to Church

Kim Kardashian goes to Church

Kim Kardashian may be starting to think about her immortal soul and has expressed an increased interest in her spirituality recently! Kim attended church on Sunday with her mother Kris Jenner and sister Kourtney Kardashian.

She wasn’t the only celebrity at the service either, with country music singer LeAnn Rimes also attending the church with her husband. Kim has apparently connected with Rimes at the church and the pair now tweet to each other and Kim has been also tweeting spiritual quotes to her 13 million followers.

Kim looked great in bell bottom jeans, a cream vest and white top. She wore her hair in a simple ponytail giving her a chic and stylish look.

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Kim Kardashian Yellow Dress

Kim Kardashian new boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian may be already moving on from her relationship with Kris Humphries. In a new rumor a source has said that Kardashian is secretly dating footballer Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez plays on the same football team as Reggie Bush, so perhaps he was introduced to Kardashian through him.

According to the source: “Kim and Mark like to meet in hotels for dinner dates and flings. Whenever Kim is in New York, they hang out. They are very careful with not being seen together.”

Apparently Sanchez is not playing too well at the moment and tossed 18 interceptions last year, sparking rumors he may be replaced by Peyton Manning soon.

Mark Sanchez isn’t a stranger to dating celebrities either, having dated cute actress Hayden Panettiere and smoking hot model Kate Upton. Could this be Kardashian’s romantic rebound?

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