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Kim Kardashian Nude

It’s official, the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is now the highest selling sex tape in history! The sex tape, starring rapper Ray J and Kim Kardashian, has been watched over 93 million times according to Gizmodo.

That makes it the most watched porn video in history, quite an accomplishment. Of course what straight man wouldn’t want to see Kardashian’s ass and breasts in all of their glory!

To celebrate the incredible body of Kim Kardashian, here are a couple more nude photos from Kim Kardashian’s recent Paper photoshoot

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Kim Kardashian Appears Nude on Magazine Cover

Nov 12, 2014 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian Pics

Kim Kardashian Nude Cover

This is Kim Kardashian’s attempt to “break the Internet”. A jaw dropping photo featuring her covered in champagne and balancing a champagne glass on her ass. This truly spectacular photo was taken by French fashion photographer Jean-Paul GoudeIt.

It features on the cover of the winter edition of “Paper” magazine, with the title “Break the Internet”.

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Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian stepped up the sexiness at a recent party in Los Angeles. She decided to skip the bra and wear an incredibly sexy dress to French Montana’s 30th birthday party.

Khloe was accompanied by a subdued looking Kim Kardashian and the ultra-hot Kylie Jenner. Kylie showed off her gorgeous figure in a form fitting black mini-dress and knee high boots, but Khloe stole the show.

There were plenty of other celebrities at the party, including Snoop Dogg and P Diddy. Khloe and French have been dating for a few months now with French Montana apparently smitten by her.

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Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Kardashian could be headed for a wardrobe malfunction with a source suggesting that Kanye West is helping her choose what to wear! Apparently Kanye wants her to be more daring in her fashion choices, and that probably means sexy dresses that really show off Kim’s sexy assets. The more stripped down she gets the more likely a wardrobe malfunction is likely to occur!

A source close to Kim told a Brittish newspaper “Kanye has been having chats with Kim about her style. He thinks she should be more like him, edgy with her choices. He keeps saying she should ‘evolve’ as a fashion icon”

The source continues: “Kanye says she plays it safe too much so has been trying to pick outfits for her to wear and encourage her to be more daring.”

Kardashian is already known for having the ability to change her style quickly and is already considered a fashion icon by many. But Kanye wants her to push the envelope and be more daring, so that probably means more revealing and sexier dresses.

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Kim Kardashian Diet Tips

Kim Kardashian Diet Tips

Kim Kardashian is known around the world for her beauty and also her penomenal body shape which is curvy but very toned in the midsection. Millions of women would love to learn her diet secrets and Kim has told many people via Twitter and on her reality show about losing weight.

Well now she has mentioned a new technique she uses via Twitter, which appears to be working very well for her. Kim tweeted “Gluten free is the way to be” and added a very sexy picture of herself.

Gluten is found in a number of foods including bread and pasta, and can be avoided with a little planning. According to Kardashian it inhibits fat loss and too much gluten can interfere with the digestive process.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity to come out as anti-gluten, with Miley Cyrus also telling fans to try a low gluten diet. Cyrus says that even after a week of avoiding gluten you can feel much more energetic and clear headed.

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