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Kim Kardashian Halloween

Kim Kardashian Halloween 2009

Talk about tough choices! Kim Kardashian’s latest tough choice is not between Miles Austin and Reggie Bush, but between halloween costumes. Kardashian is known for wearing incredibly sexy costumes for Halloween parties, a reputation she is happy about – everyone wants to know what she is wearing for halloween.

In fact some people are dressing up as Kim Kardashian as their halloween costumes this year, she is a popular sexy celeb costume it seems.

Kim needed help deciding which costume to wear so has gone to her Twitter followers (over 1 million people) to help her decide. Kim tweeted: “OK trying to decide what to be for Halloween! I have 6 options…should i take pics and you decide? Any suggestions?”

Fans sent her a large number of suggestions, which Kim considered. Later on Kardashian revealed she had narrowed down the possibilities to 2 choices, she tweeted: “Ok the 2 options are a pirate or little red riding hood! But they are super cute and sexy! Which should I be?”

The picture will be out later on tonight. For those who can’t wait, check out these previous Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes.

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Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin reunited?

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin reunited?

Kim Kardashian and former boyfriend Miles Austin have been rekindling their relationship via Twitter?! The former lovers had a qukck public conversation recently on Twitter, leading some to think there might be chance of the two geting back together!

Miles Austin tried to quote his form girlfriend Kardashian when he tweeted: “Sometimes u have to fall down to know where u stand.”, but it turns out he got the quote wrong!

Kardashian tweeted back to Austin: “Those are some pretty wise words ;-).”
To which Austin responded: “Yea, I stole your quote!”

Then Kardashian busted him on the quote being wrong: “And the quote really goes ‘sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand’ [Cite] your source!”

Kardashian has recently been seen in the company of John Mayer and Kanye West, but is reportedly not in a romantic relationship with either of them.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not dating

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not dating

Recently we have seen a number of rumors about a possible relationship between rapper extraordinaire Kanye West and celeb hotty Kim Kardashian. Well Kim’s sister Khloe has blown those rumors out of the water with a very solid denial!

Khloe was spotted watching the LA Lakers play in Los Angeles and was quoted as saying “No, they are just friends, I just hate that men and women can’t be platonic friends without anybody thinking anything.” A firm denial, which is a little disappointing because they do look good together!

Other rumors about Kim Kardashian indicate that she may be working on a musical project with Kanye, but Khloe know nothing about that, saying: “I know nothing, I know nothing about anything.”

Kardashian has already proven she can be successful on TV, in ads, and promoting all kinds of products. It wouldn’t be much of a jump into the music world, but how well can she sing?

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Kim Kardashian lunches with Ciara

Kim Kardashian lunches with Ciara

Kim Kardashian has been spotted out and about around New York with hotty Ciara recently. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star has been tasting the best food the Big Apple has to offer in recent days, she is making the most of her time there.

They both looked in a good mood as they left the restaurant, smiling happily for the press and fans who spotted them in the restaurant. Kardashian was dressed simply and elegantly and the pair were probably the hottest 2 women hanging out together in Manhattan that day!

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Kim Kardashian teen pic

Kim Karashian says party felt like a sweet 16!

Kim Kardashian has had a very low key ‘real’ birthday bash after a number of lively pre-birthday parties across the country. Kim really knows how to celebrate and had a number of big parties with fans and friends before this most recent party which is more low key.

On Saturday, Kardashian hit the GLO nightclub in New York, in a VIP booth away from prying eyes. Kim was there with sister Kourtney and a few close friends including Jonathan Cheban.

Apparently the party was so relaxed that they weren’t drinking much apart from water!

A Kardashian fan who was sneaking glances at the party said: “A waiter delivered a bucket of bottled water to their table, No alcohol. Kim and her friends were very calm, almost felt like a sweet sixteen. Security was impeccable. No one could get close to Kim. All Kim did was sit at her table and text on her phone. She and her friends were taking pictures if each other the whole night, laughing and giggling.”

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