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Kardashian Sisters on Jay Leno

May 15, 2012 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian Pics, Kim Kardashian Tapes

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian appeared on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” recently and chatted about all kinds of Kardashian family gossip.

The hot topic was the impending DNA test for Khloe Kardashian to prove once and for all if she is actually Robert Kardashian’s daughter or the result of an affair between Kris Jenner and another man!

Kim also talked about her brief marriage and her new relationship with Kanye West. Checkout the videos for more!

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Body

Apr 9, 2012 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics

The Kardashians’ great escape!

Kim Kardashian on Holiday

Kim Kardashian on Holiday

Kim Kardashian has shown off her hot bikini booty while on holidays in the Dominican Republic with her family. Kardashian recently went on a no-dairy, no-sugar diet for a few weeks and the results are truly spectacular with Kim’s curves even more shapely than normal.

The entire family joined Kim on the holiday, with a six-months-pregnant Kourtney, Khloe, Rob and even baby Mason all on holiday together in a luxurious location. The family stayed at the Casa de Campo complex, where they rented a $6000 per-night 35’000 square-foot villa.

It was a pretty active holiday, with lots of swimming and jet skiing on offer. As for Kim’s toned body, she said she apparently shed 10 pounds in 10 days after getting rid of sugar! Kardashian claimed she used the Sunfare’s 1,300 calorie-a-day meal-delivery program. The results are pretty spectacular!

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Kardashian Sisters go Topless

Kardashian Sisters go Topless

Kim Kardashian has gone to extreme lengths to promote her latest business venture – the launch of the Kardashian Kollection denim jeans line. She has appeared topless!

The jeans will be available for purchase from Sears and come in three distinct styles, which represent the Kardashian sisters’ individual preference.

Not only is Kim topless in the advertisment, but so are Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, making it very hard for straight guys to look at the picture and focus on any one spot! The jeans are probably the least noticeable part.

Kim Kardashian added picture to her weblog and wrote: “Kourt, Khloe and I decided to go natural for our Kardashian Kollection denim shoot with Nick Saglimbeni and pose in only our favorite jeans! What do you think of the pic? I think it’s such a beautiful shot and Khloe and Kourtney both look so stunning! Xo”

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Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday

There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian loves being the center of the party and her birthday provides the best opportunity to do so every year. Kim usually has multiple birthday parties across the country, and this year was no different with a party in New York and a party in Las Vegas.

Kardashian was turning 31, and with her mission accomplished (get married before she reached 31), Kim was relaxed and ready to party. Kim was joined by husband Kris Humphries, and the rest of her family.

Despite recent rumors suggesting that all is not rosy for Kim and her new husband, they were smiling and cuddling at the party and enjoyed a few drinks and some dancing.

Khloe Kardashian was having a great time with husband Lamar Odom while Kourtney seemed a bit more tense, perhaps indicating some marriage troubles for her!

Kim’s sister Khloe and her husband Lamar Odom were on hand to help celebrate and of course Kim’s mother and manager Kris Jenner was also part of the revelry.

Most of the party occurred at the Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan hotel and Kim showed off her curves in a figure hugging creme dress.

The celebrations in New York included some time at the Darby restaurant and some more low key celebrations, while Las Vegas was all about partying!

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Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kris Humphries celebrate Kourtney's birthday

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kris Humphries celebrate Kourtney's birthday

Kourtney Kardashian was looking hot as she celebrated her 32nd birthday in Mexico recently with the help of close friends and family. Little sister Kim Kardashian was in attendance as was Kim’s boyfriend of 5 months Krid Humphries. Kim was wearing a tight beach dress and some very hot looking red high heels and had to fend off a very grabby Kris Humphries who was constantly trying to grab her ample assets!

Kim and Kourtney have spent the last 6 days in Mexico, having a well deserved holiday after working for most of 2011 so far. Kim especially has had a very busy start to the year, appearing on numerous magazine covers and releasing her debut song.

Kourtney was treated to a huge chocolate birthday cake and even had an authentic mariachi band playing, to which Kourtney and Kim danced.

The party was held at Joe Francis’s beachside villa in Casa Aramara, Francis is the creator of “Girls Gone Wild”. A few celebrity parties have been held at the villa including for Orlando Bloom and Demi Moore.

Kris Humphries had his hands all over Kim, and it’s no wonder, she looked incredibly hot in that dress and with those heels. Perhaps she had the highest heels she could find so Kris wasn’t towering over her as much as usual!

Kourtney tweeted about her birthday, indicating she had a great time: “Thank you for all of the birthday wishes everyone!!!! I’m having a fabulous day so far. 32 years old and wiser than ever.”

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