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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in happier times

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in happier times

Recently a number of gossip blogs and magazines published rumors indicating Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were back together AGAIN! Fortunately, it’s not true, with Radar online publishing info about Reggie Bush being spotted this weekend partying in Las Vegas with a lot of women.

Reggie at least, is over Kim Kardashian. The on again off again relationship between Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush has been going on for years, but this time it appears to definitely be over. Apparently Reggie is a mommas boy, and his momma hates Kim Kardashian, largely because of her sex tape. Bush’s mom has apparently told Reggie that she would ‘disown him’ should he marry a girl who has a sex tape!

The couple split earlier this year with Reggie reportedly saying he “wasn’t feeling it anymore.” and didn’t want to marry Kim.

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Kim Kardashian getting back with Reggie Bush?

Aug 16, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News


Some rumors are around that Kim Kardashian is set to reconcile with Reggie Bush!  The couple split last month because the ‘long distance relationship was too hard to manage’.

However it is being reported that Reggie Bush is having second thoughts about the split!  A source close to Reggie says – “He doesn’t want to let her go. They are talking again and he is hopeful that she will agree to give it another go.”

The couple dated for 2 years after meeting at a 2007 sports awards show.

Kim Kardashian’s best friend Brittny Gastineau also suggests they should get back together..  She said: “They love each other so much, they’re best friends, but whatever is meant to happen, happens.”

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