Kim Kardashian Yellow Dress

Kim Kardashian new boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian may be already moving on from her relationship with Kris Humphries. In a new rumor a source has said that Kardashian is secretly dating footballer Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez plays on the same football team as Reggie Bush, so perhaps he was introduced to Kardashian through him.

According to the source: “Kim and Mark like to meet in hotels for dinner dates and flings. Whenever Kim is in New York, they hang out. They are very careful with not being seen together.”

Apparently Sanchez is not playing too well at the moment and tossed 18 interceptions last year, sparking rumors he may be replaced by Peyton Manning soon.

Mark Sanchez isn’t a stranger to dating celebrities either, having dated cute actress Hayden Panettiere and smoking hot model Kate Upton. Could this be Kardashian’s romantic rebound?

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