New Kim Kardashian Sex Video?

New Kim Kardashian Sex Video?

Pictures leaked by Internet site hip hop website Mediatakeout reportedly show Kim Kardashian in some very compromising positions with a white male leading some to predict the imminent release of a new Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.

The photos show what looks like Kim Kardashian performing oral sex on an unknown white male. It started the gossip mills going – could it be a disgruntled Kris Humphries leaking pictures of their sex life together? Or possibly another man and the real reason Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries ended up getting divorced.

Of course it’s not Kim Kardashian’s first time around with a sex tape, after the release of a sex tape featuring her and rapper Ray J in 2007, that was incredibly popular on the Internet.

Years after that tape came out, Kim claims to be embarrassed about the entire thing, so you would think it’s unlikely she’d let another boyfriend or husband film her have sex again!

Click here to see the alleged Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Photos (warning: Graphic images!)

Kim Kardashian was well rewarded by the sale of her first sex tape, earing an estimated $5 million from it. The publicity also increased her fame and allowed her to build on the Kim Kardashian brand.

So what do you think, are the images fake or has Kim Kardashian been busted again?!

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