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Kim Kardashian animal lover!

Jan 21, 2011 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian Pig Friend!

Kim Kardashian Pig Friend!

Kim Kardashian may have uttered the phrase “Men are pigs” on many occaisions, especially after Ray J released a secret sex tape of the pair. But Kim actually kinda likes pigs as seen by these recent photos from a visit to an petting zoo.

The Kardashians happily played with the animals and Kourtney Kardashian’s son was in attendance.

Now we are left wondering if Kim’s new squeeze, Kris Humphries, is jealousof all the attention Kim is giving that little piggy. Kris is Kim’s latest boyfriend in a line of little piggies which included Reggie Bush, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ray J and Miles Austin.

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Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin reunited?

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin reunited?

Kim Kardashian and former boyfriend Miles Austin have been rekindling their relationship via Twitter?! The former lovers had a qukck public conversation recently on Twitter, leading some to think there might be chance of the two geting back together!

Miles Austin tried to quote his form girlfriend Kardashian when he tweeted: “Sometimes u have to fall down to know where u stand.”, but it turns out he got the quote wrong!

Kardashian tweeted back to Austin: “Those are some pretty wise words ;-) .”
To which Austin responded: “Yea, I stole your quote!”

Then Kardashian busted him on the quote being wrong: “And the quote really goes ‘sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand’ [Cite] your source!”

Kardashian has recently been seen in the company of John Mayer and Kanye West, but is reportedly not in a romantic relationship with either of them.

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Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin in Happier times!

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin in Happier times!

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian has reportedly split from her American football star boyfriend Miles Austin!  The couple have been together since August of this year but in recent months Kim has made a few comments in the media which indicated she was already looking around for a new man!

Kardashian is currently in the middle of a working holiday in Europe with her mom, Kris Jenner.  Kim has been to a couple of fashion shows in London as well as enjoying herself at various restaurants having dinner with Jenner.

A friend close to Kardashian revealed the breakup: “They broke up about a week ago. It’s typical after a break for Kim to take some time by herself. When she broke up with Reggie Bush she went to Mexico and now after her break with Miles she went to Europe.”

They could be an on-again off-again relationship, like Kardashian had with Reggie Bush.  Reggie and Kim broke up at least 4 times, reuniting after short breaks away from each other.  The friend told sourceonline: “I’m sure they’ll be on and off again but at the moment, they are 100 per cent definitely off.”

Recently Kardashian told the media she wants to  date “a normal Armenian boy”, which excited half the population of Armenia!

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Kim Kardashian going to the Emmys!

Kim Kardashian going to the Emmys!

Kim Kardashian has had a successful start to the awards season this year, winning 2 awards at the Teen Choice Awards for her hit show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but unfortunately that success hasn’t carried over to the Emmys. Again, Kardashian has missed out on a nomination!

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because Kim is doing some kind of performance at the event, exactly what we don’t know yet. Either she is doing something simple like presenting an award or doing a bit of comedy! That means we get to see a hot Kim on the red carpet, dressed to impress.

At this stage we don’t know who she will be taking with her, it could be Miles Austin or if their casual fling doesn’t last that long, it could be one of her sisters.

Kardashian is said to be excited about the upcoming premiere of her newest reality TV show, entitled “The Spin Crowd”. The show is about LA and the life of publicists who live there (or something like that!)

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Kim Kardashian Single?

Aug 12, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian Single and Looking for fun!

Kim Kardashian Single and Looking for fun!

Kim Kardashian has been enjoying a “casual” relationship with Dallas Cowboys footballer Miles Austin, making comments which question about if they are even together!  Miles Austin is left confused as Kardashian talks to the press about their relationship, but the future does not look good for him.

So we may be seeing a single Kardashian soon, backed up by recent comments Kim has made.  Kim recently said “This is the year where I can be totally selfish, I don’t have kids, I don’t have a husband… I always had a boyfriend, so it’s of fun and refreshing to just, you know, be the single girl.”

Kim has also recently appeared in the popular TV show, Beverly Hills 90210, and has expressed interest in doing more acting, saying  “I would love too… I love acting.”  Kim says that the new series of Kourtney & Khloe take Miami will be pretty exciting as well and says:  get ready for “a little bit of everything,”

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