Kim Kardashian Halloween

Kim Kardashian Halloween 2009

Talk about tough choices! Kim Kardashian’s latest tough choice is not between Miles Austin and Reggie Bush, but between halloween costumes. Kardashian is known for wearing incredibly sexy costumes for Halloween parties, a reputation she is happy about – everyone wants to know what she is wearing for halloween.

In fact some people are dressing up as Kim Kardashian as their halloween costumes this year, she is a popular sexy celeb costume it seems.

Kim needed help deciding which costume to wear so has gone to her Twitter followers (over 1 million people) to help her decide. Kim tweeted: “OK trying to decide what to be for Halloween! I have 6 options…should i take pics and you decide? Any suggestions?”

Fans sent her a large number of suggestions, which Kim considered. Later on Kardashian revealed she had narrowed down the possibilities to 2 choices, she tweeted: “Ok the 2 options are a pirate or little red riding hood! But they are super cute and sexy! Which should I be?”

The picture will be out later on tonight. For those who can’t wait, check out these previous Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes.

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