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Kim Kardashian with her Sexy full figure

Kim Kardashian with her Sexy full figure

Some critics have said Kim Kardashian’s emaciated look which she tweeted in a recent pic is bordering on unhealthy! She still has her curves, but also has some crazy looking abs and bones are visible! Some say it is a result of overuse of the Quicktrim diet.

When the Kardashians first became popular they were emphasising themselves as curvy healthy girls, the alternative to the stick figure Paris Hilton types. But now it seems Kardashian has given in, and is alo going for the praying mantis figure.

Is Quicktrim dodgy though? On their home page QuickTrim write: [Our] statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Not evaluated!

However Kim claims she is healthy and fit: “I really feel like I have reached my fitness goal and now I am toned, fit and at a healthy weight and I just need to keep it up!”

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BBax Knows Women’s Jeans

Jun 26, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian Tapes

Professor BBax expresses his in-depth knowledge on women’s denim! His girlfriend says he has lost his mind though! … teacher jeans women hot big girl black dark skinned light mixed girls Michael Jackson tribute asa Ben Baxter “University of Alabama” “Crimson Tide” Orange Soda Kel Mitchell Kenan SNL “Kim Kardashian” racism hate love skinny

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