Kim Kardashian Self Magazine

Kim Kardashian Self Magazine

Kim Kardashian has been on a LOT of magazine covers in recent years and has just added another to that count, appearing on the cover of the April edition of “Self” magazine. Self magazine focuses on beauty and fitness issues, so Kim gave a detailed sneak peak into both her fitness and beauty regime and it takes a lot of work to maintain that Kim Kardashian physique and beauty!

In the interview, Kim also admits she is still battling a mean sugar addiction the same as most people, and she is fine with having cellulite and ‘jiggly bits’. Kardashian says: “Of course I struggle with insecure moments,” she said. “I wish I didn’t. But I love to eat! Especially sweets. And I’ll say it. I think my thighs are jiggly and I have cellulite. Now let’s move on!”

It’s ok Kim, you’ll find most guys prefer ladies with jiggly bits over stick thin models.
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Kardashian revealed on her blog that she was very happy with the natural looking cover photo and asked fans for feedback: “I am so pleased with the way my cover for SELF Magazine came out! We went for a more natural, pretty shoot, as opposed to going super glam and I’m loving the cover. What do you guys think?”

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