Kim Kardashian sextape

Kim Kardashian sextape

It seems that rapper Ray J has a thing for women who don’t have inhibitions, considering his latest squeeze is Danielle Staub, ex-star from “Housewives of New Jersey” and a sex tape star.

Ray J previously dated Kim Kardashian and of course created the well known Kim Kardashian sextape entitled “Kim K Superstar”. The Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape was extremely popular on the internet, morse than the Danielle Staub tape.

Ray J was seen kissing Danielle Staub in Los Angeles at the “Lemon Basket” hotspot. Staub was a popular part of “Housewives of New Jersey” for the two seasons until she left the show. Shortly after she left, her sex tape was leaked.

Staub is apparently starring in a new reality TV series about restaurants, set to air on VH1, and it will feature other reality TV stars such as Heidi Montag. Other celebs tipped to appear on the new series are Jake Pavelka, Juicy ā€œJā€, DJ Paul and Ashley Dupre. This group of B listers will be forced together to make decisions about the restaurant – everything from the location to what’s on the menu. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

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