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Kim Kardashian the new face of Midori

Kim Kardashian the new face of Midori

Kim Kardashian has landed another promotional gig, this time she is going to be the face of a popular kind of Liquor. People magazine have said that Kim is going to be the celebrity endorser of Midori Liquor.

Midori is a bright green color, so of Kim threw her weight behind that particular color, saying: “Green, of course! I’m so excited to be the face of Midori Melon Liqueur’s new campaign.”

Kim will turn up in a number of Midori advertisments as well as on the company’s social media pages and at some media events.

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Kim Kardashian bowling babe!

Kim Kardashian bowling babe!

Occaisionally when you go bowling you can see some cute girls having fun, usually dragged along by bowling fanatic boyfriends. But rarely do you see a hotty like Kim Kardashian bowling down some pins! Kim recently helped open up a new 10 pin bowling venue in Connecticut of all places.

Kardashian was at Foxwoods Casino for the launch of the new “High Rollers” bowling center. What bowling has to do with gambling we aren’t sure yet, but Kim certainly looked like she was having fun at the event.

In recent days Kardashian has been in New York, shooting new episodes of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” as well as attending a plethora of other social events including: fashion shows, store openings, the “Spin Crowd” finale party and having dinner at numerous ritzy restaurants.

Kim really loves New York, so the stay might continue for a few months if anything: “I Love New York and it is the change I need from L.A., There is a whole different energy,”. Kardashian has also been looking at opening more DASH stores in New York so is keeping busy on her commercial ventures.

She tweeted a photos of her bowling adventure, simply saying: “Bowling baby!!!”. A more apt description would have been “Bowling Babe”.

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