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Kim Kardashian Soho Sexy!

Nov 17, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian Soho Sexy

Kim Kardashian Soho Sexy

Kim Kardashian is still busy working promotional events in New York and was recently seen back at her new Dash store in New York City yesterday. Kardashian posed for photos for the press and many cheerful fans at the store.

Kim looked very cute in a stylish outfit, from the Dash store of course.

In other Kardashian news, she recently hosted a special for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” competition. Kim talked about the special in a recent interview, saying: “Every year I definitely look forward to the big reveal of who is the Sexiest Man Alive. It’s kind of a really powerful feeling to know that I know who it is.”

Ryan Reynolds eventually took out the competition, which Kim was only happy about – Kardashian added, “There are so many qualities that make this year’s Sexiest Man Alive sexy. He’s so handsome, so funny. He has the full package, and I think that’s what PEOPLE magazine really looks for.”

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ABC / PEOPLE ‘sexiest man alive’ – :90 digital short from ABC News Promos on Vimeo.

Kim Kardashian has landed a new job she was pretty excited about! Kardashian hosted a 1 hour television special about People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, which chooses the hottest man of the year.

Kim interviews a few of the hottest men then interviews the winner of the competition. The TV special also goes over some of the past winners. Front runners for this year include two of the guys from “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, actor George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey from “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Kim hasn’t let go any details of who the winner might be but she did post this on her blog: “We’re celebrating the 25th years of sexy, and counting down the hottest guys of the year, and although I can’t reveal yet who 2010’s sexiest man is… I can reveal that he IS pretty sexy! LOL”

The TV special airs Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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Kim Poses her Beach Body for People Magazine

Sep 23, 2009 Author: matthew | Filed under: Kim Kardashian Pics


If it’s beach bodies we’re talking about, Kim Kardashian would definitely be in the picture. This time also, for People magazine, is no exception as she poses her beach body beautifully.

It gets better, especially for Kim. It was actually the most beautiful shoot ever for her since it was done in Bahamas. The ocean, sand, and just about all ‘Bahamas’ is great. She had lots of fun, apparently. Her hair and make up, Kim proudly announces, was done by Frankie and Mario Dedivanovic.


In the mean time, it would do you great if you drown yourself on Kim’s just hot beach body!



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