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Kim Kardashian Sunday Morning

Kim Kardashian Sunday Morning

Kim Kardashian is rarely seen without makeup and in casual clothes, but on Sunday morning Kim was spotted leaving a friends house in Beverly Hills in trackpants and a casual top. Kardashian was decked out in grey trackpants and a black top with sparkly boots and dark sunglasses. Certainly more casual than her normal look but she still looked great!

Kardashian quickly tweeted good morning after she got in her car, always keen to keep in contact with her many fans.

In related Kardashian news, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner has revealed that Kim still has a couple of guys on the go. At a recent party, Kris revealed: “She’s dating a lot of different people. I usually don’t meet them until she gets serious and, so far, she hasn’t brought him around.” So she isn’t seeing just Kris Jenner, but perhaps some mystery men we don’t know about – she is keeping her options open in 2011.

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KimK The Morning Show

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Kim Kardarshian on The Morning Show

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