Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Buyer

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Buyer

In recent weeks there have been numerous rumors floating around about the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape being pulled off the market by a number of mystery bidders. Vivid Entertainment, the owners of the sextape have reportedly had multiple offers since the Kim Kardashian wedding and the spike in interest in the sex tape.

It seems that as soon as she got married, everyone wanted to see the Kim Kardashian sex tape again so sales of the tape really took off. Vivid turned down an offer of $20 million USD for the sex tape, which features rapper Ray J and Kim.

The rumor suggests that the buyer of the tape was going to completely take it off the market so it was no longer available for sale, but luckily for Kardashian fans, Vivid turned the offer down. Vivid Boss Steve Hirsch said: “We were offered $20 million for the Kim tape but have decided that we are going to hang on to it… for now”

Hirsch even said that because the offer to buy the tape did not come from Kim, the sale was less appealing. It seems that if the tape was going to be taken off of the market, Vivid would prefer it go back to Kim. Hirsch said: “Although the offer that we ultimately received was substantial, when I realised it wasn’t Kim it became less appealing. Kim is a superstar and if it were to be sold, it should be to her”

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