Kim Kardashian Success Magazine

Kim Kardashian Success Magazine

Well Kim Kardashian appearing on the cover of Success magazine is most definitely not a reference to her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries! Instead it is referring to the very successful Kim Kardashian business empire which has an involvement in everything from diet products, to cosmetics to clothing to shoes to liquor.

Success magazine have displayed Kim Kardashian on the cover of the most recent issue heralding her as a very smart entrepreneur in the “celebrity marketing” avenue.

The magazine specifically lists: Kim’s skincare line, the Kardashian’s five DASH clothing boutiques around the world, the big sales of the book “Kardashian Konfidential”, the Kardashian Kollection handbag line, a Kardashian Kolors nail polish line for OPI, the Kim Kardashian fragrances, the Kardashian branded clothing collections with Sears and Bebe and a few more business ventures as displaying Kim Kardashian’s business successes.

That’s not even counting Shoedazzle, which Kim Kardashian co-founded in 2009 and which has been very successful and is in the process of expanding.

According to the magazine, Kim started off early, and at 19 was going through friends cupboards, helping them cash in via eBay.

Kardashian explains the method to her success: “Every six months my mom and I set goals and visions for what we want to achieve. Then we write a goal that is outlandish and outside what we think is our goal range.”

At one time one of those outlandish goals was to have a fragrance, and now Kim has a 4th fragrance about to be launched.

Kim still has a huge number of fans despite the breakup with Kris Humphries turning some people off her. It is estimated Kardashian has nearly 7 million Faceboopk fans and nearly 12 million Twitter followers.

Kim also knows what to do with her fans and treats them like friends rather than customers. She told the magazine: “I feel like I’m giving my sisterly advice, I’ll listen to fans comments and questions asking what skincare do I use or what fragrance I like, and I feel I’m in a position that I can answer those questions well.”

Of course most of the answers to those questions will involve one of Kim’s products!
Kim has certainly come very far since the release of the infamous Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!

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