Kim Kardashian Lighter Hair Color

Kim Kardashian Lighter Hair Color

Kim Kardashian is attempting to refresh herself and make some big changes after what became a disastrous 2011 with her quick divorce from Kris Humphries. Now single again, Kim has decided to update her look with a new hair color!

Kardashian has gone for a lighter, sun kissed look. Still a darker color, she is avoiding going blonde or anything extreme and is sticking with chocolate colors which compliment her skin tone and those beautiful dark eyes.

Kim posted a picture of her new color to Twitter yesterday and fans responded positively. She wrote: “I dyed my hair lighter yesterday! I’m loving it! New hair color = new beginnings for me. You like?”

New beginnings alright. Her colorist, Rebecca Friedman had some comments on the color as well as some advice for Kardashian fans. She wrote: “With everything she’s gone through, a little bit of change is nice,”. Friedman describes the color as: “cooler, chocolate-y brown with sun-kissed streaks that are close to her childhood color.”

The last time Kim went blonde was in 2009 and it looks like she is avoiding going to that look again. Friedman said she kept Kim’s natural color and just added highlights to accentuate it. Her advice for Kardashian fans looking for a similar color: go to a professional colorist because highlights are easy to get wrong.

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