Kim Kardashian dyes hair brown

Kim Kardashian dyes hair brown

Super hotty Kim Kardashian has decided to go for a brighter look for the summer months and has dyed her hair a lighter shade of brown. The new color was spotted yesterday as Kardashian left a television studio in California.

Kim tweeted about the new color, very happy with the results: “I dyed my hair lighter for summer, I’m loving it! I feel younger!”. The brighter look does definitely suit her.

Kim has just returned from Minnesota after spending some time there with fiance Kris Humphries and his close family. She is still in an ambitious fitness regime to drop a dress size for her upcoming wedding, as she tweeted one morning on her way to the gym: “Morning GORGEOUS!!!! Just finished an intense workout! I am so much more on my grind when I am in LA!”

Also, apparently Kim has more in common with big booty babde J-Lo because it’s been revealed that they share the same workout coach – Gunnar Peterson. He is apparently pushing Kim to her limits in recent workouts, with plenty of cardo and toning work.

Peterson has her doing curls and lunges with him to tighten up certain parts of her body – as long as the curves remain!

The Kardashian and Humphries wedding will be filmed and aired on E! and has a budget of as much as 10 million dollars.

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