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Kim Kardashian Twitter Boobs

Kim Kardashian Twitter Boobs

Kim Kardashian LOVES twitter, and is frequently writing tweets for her fans to keep up to date with what she is doing on any particular day. Huffington Post has published an article mentioning the fact that she often includes revealing candid photos in these tweets.

Luckily for people who don’t follow the Kim Kardashian Twitter feed, we have kept a few of the more cleavage revealing shots available from her Twitter feed. Check them out!

Revealing Kim Kardashian Twitter Photos

Revealing Kim Kardashian Twitter Photos

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Kardashian for the Saints

Nov 10, 2009 Author: matthew | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics


Kim Kardashian, all dressed and ready, went to Land Shark Stadium in Miami in order to support her man Reggie Bush and his team’s game. Their team, the New Orleans Saints were to go against the Miami Dolphins last October 25.

The reality TV star looked sexy in her white jacket/black pants combo, making heads turn upon her arrival. Later on, she removed her jacket to reveal a sexy black top. What better way to support your man than to look your best and show him what’s the prize.

To further show her support for the team, she even had her famous surname placed on a Saints jersey during the break.

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Crying Over Kim Kardashian

Aug 17, 2009 Author: maryjane | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News


While Kim was walking along the streets of Los Angeles, she met two of her biggest fans. Well, nobody really knows if one of them was affected by Kim’s break up with Reggie Bush or she’s just happy to see Kim in person that’s why she’s crying.

These two girls are so lucky they get to meet her. Surely, there are lots of Kim’s fans out there who is dying to see her in person.

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