Kim Kardashian NBA All Stars Party

Kim Kardashian NBA All Stars Party

Kim Kardashian may be keen to get back into acting in the near future with rumors floating around that she may have a role in an upcoming drama.

TMZ have reported that Kim is in talks to appear in the upcoming movie about John Gotti, which stars John Travolta. Kardashian would be playing one of the mobster’s daughters.

Kim most definitely has an exotic look about her and could be cast as an Italian beauty with no problem. Other rumored cast include James Franco who would play the role of Junior.

Sources close to Kim confired the TMZ report saying that “Kim is in talks to do the movie.”

Up to now Kim has only appeared on television in her various reality TV series and in a dodgy spoof movie entitled “Disaster Movie” and CSI: NY”. Of course that’s not counting her appearance in the Kim Kardashian sextape!

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