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Kim Kardashian Charity Event 2012

Kim Kardashian Charity Event 2012

Kim Kardashian may be just a reality TV starlette, but on the weekend she was hanging out with a number of Hollywood A-list celebrities including Sean Penn, Orlando Bloom, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson and Hilary Swank. Kardashian was perhaps the most elegant of the attendees though, with a stylish silver ensemble that show off her curves and featured a plunging neckline.

Kim’s style was much like the actresses of the golden age of cinema in the 1930s and 1940s – glamorous and sophisticated. Her hair was very much in that elegant style of actresses of the time.

Kim curves did not help Demi Moore though, who was looking incredibly skinny to the point of appearing malnourished. Poor Demi has not been doing well after the break up with Ashton Kutcher and it shows. It was not fair putting Kim’s magnificent curves in the same room as Demi Moore’s skeletal frame!

The event was the “Cinema For Peace” held at the Montage Hotel in Los Angeles and was about raising awareness of the disaster in Haiti and raising some money. Sean Penn has been actively involved in helping Haitians for more than a decade as they combat famine, war and political corruption.

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Kim Kardashian Monaco trip

May 29, 2011 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian in Monte Carlo

Kim Kardashian in Monte Carlo

Kim Kardashian was once again showing off those stunning curves in a light coloured flowing summer gown recently on a trip to Monaco! Kardashian was accompanied by new fiance Kris Humphries as they enjoyed the sun and surf, then attended a fashion show.

The fashion show was the “Amber Fashion Show”, an annual charity event which usually draws a lot of celebrities and was held at the Meridien Beach Plaza this year.

Kim Kardashian fans were recently shocked by the quick engagement announcement between Kim and Kris Humphries. The couple have only been dating for 6 months, leading to speculation by some that it was too rushed. Rob Kardashian is one of those concerned by the speed of the relationship, apparently saying he doesn’t think the marriage will work! Not a nice thing for a brother to say about his sisters upcoming nuptials.

Enjoy the Kim Kardashian pics from her day in Monte Carlo!

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Kim Kardashian has lent her time to a charity aimed at helping women in poverty. The charity is called “Kiss Away Poverty” and was organized by the Seven Day Foundation and Fusion Beauty. For every Fusion Beauty lip gloss sold, $1 is donated to the Seven Day Foundation to help in the fight against poverty.

Kardashian spoke out: “They give back, and me being an entrepreneur and trying to give beauty and fashion tips all over the place, I feel like it’s an even greater thing to help women get on their feet and to help women get out of poverty and get good jobs and get their lives together. So I just think it’s the perfect fit,”

Kim met a lot of fans at the event and posed for pictures!

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Kardashian Charity KO

Kim Kardashian Boxing Event

TV star Kim Kardashian stepped into the boxing ring with a female fan for a charity match at the Commerce Casino in California last Tuesday, November 3. Via twitter, she told her fans that she was “sooo scared” regarding the boxing bout.

The event was named “The Kardashian Charity Knockout” where a lucky fan, who is around her size gets to have a fight with her. Even after three days of training, however, they still have no expectation of what would happen until a punch from her fan made her end up leaving the ring with a black eye.

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Kim Kardashian & Vida Guerra interviewed on the red carpet of the INSPI (RED) charity event. Interviewed by Ronnie Jr. of V2R.

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