Kim Kardashian in August Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kim Kardashian in August Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kim Kardashian is becoming a regular on womens magazine covers and has had yet another to her portfolio – appearing on the cover of the August edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

She looks different to her normal style on a magazine cover – she normally tends to be wearing a bikini or dressed in some ultra-glamorous gown. This time she is simply wearing a ripped sweatshirt! Because it’s Kim Kardashian she manages to pull it off and looks sexy in casual gear.

Kim has had a huge 2011 and this is perhaps her 15th magazine cover so far. She has been frantic preparing for her upcoming wedding and we can expect a LOT of new magazine covers after that event.

The issue will be available on July 12 and features an extensive interview with Kardashian. Kim blogged about the cover, saying: “I’m on the cover of the August issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine! What do you think of the cover? I love it!

It just hit newsstands so make sure you go grab a copy to read my interview, get my tips on making a long distance relationship work and find out the three things I’m terrified of!”

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