Kim Kardashian booty xray

Kim Kardashian booty xray

When people think about Kim Kardashian, usually the first things they think of are her famous behind and her famous cleavage. Well over the years many nasty rumors have abounded, about wether she has had plastic surgery on those famous assets – particularly that huge booty.

Many jealous ladies thought she was too lucky to have been blessed with both a beautiful behind and boobs, so assumed plastic surgery was involved. Well Kim Kardashian has proved the haters wrong by xraying her booty!

Khloe Kardashian tweeted the pics of a bemused Kim Kardashian standing in front of an xray of her booty. Finally proof to one of the greatest conspiracies in living memory – that Kim Kardashian’s booty was fake.

Well it’s not, it’s 100% Kim Kardashian certified rump. Khloe’s tweet describing the pic was very funny: “Kim got a butt X-Ray…See, it’s REAL!!! LOL,” These crazy celebrities, xraying their booties in the name of science..

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