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Kim Kardashian Appearance

Kim Kardashian Appearance

Kim Kardashian visited El Paso, Texas recently but apparently the visit left some fans disappointed when they couldn’t see the star. Kardashian was visiting the area to raise money for domestic violence prevention. Kim knows about domestic violence first hand after leaving an abusive marriage to Damon Thomas in 2003.

Many of the fans were happy with the Kim Kardashian appearance, but some of them didn’t even get to see Kardashian! One fan said: “I couldn’t see her at all, it was only a silhouette, there was too many cameras flashing and everything,” Another fan said he didn’t have much luck getting a look at Kardashian either. “I tried, but all I got was a little hair flip,” the fan said.

Especially annoying for fans was the fact that they paid $40 at the door to gain admission or $100 for access to a VIP area.

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Kim Kardashian recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and I just found some of the footage on youtube.  Kardashian looked simply INCREDIBLE and was pretty funny on the appearance.  She talked about teeth a lot which is a little weird, but the crowd obviously loved her.

Check it out.

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