Kim Kardashian shows off her stunning bikini body

Kim Kardashian shows off her stunning bikini body

Kim Kardashian recently turned 29 and has begun reflecting on her life so far, with the big 30 just around the corner. Kardashian recently appeared on Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model” television contest and afterwards stories circulated suggested that she was getting too old to be judging such contests.

In my opinion she has become wiser with age and now has a number of business products and has developed the Kim Kardashian ‘brand’ a great deal to the point where she has numerous income streams. Suggesting that a super hot 29 year old is a too old to be judging models is a bit of a stretch. Kardashian is still one of the hottest women in celebrity life.

Kim shrugged off the haters too, but she has been considering her life as she gets older and especially her relationships. Here she is talking about on again off again boyfriend Reggie Bush: “We just made the decision that we want to make it work, and the time off was really beneficial for the both of us.”

Kardashian will be in the spotlight for a few more years at the least, and with her stunning beauty it’s easy to see why.

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