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Kim Kardashian Bond Girl

Kim Kardashian Bond Girl

Kim Kardashian is busy trying new career paths again. In recent weeks she has recording a song with the help of Kanye West, been doing lots more reality television, appearing in advertisments and more. Now she has expressed a desire to be a bond girl!

Kim Kardashian told E! about it while at the 2011 Actors guild awards in LA. Kardashian said: “I would love to be in a Bond film — a Bond girl, That would be the ultimate.”

Kardashian even revealed there had already been offers to appear in films, saying: “There are a few offers on the table, But I definitely want to make the right decision for the right part.”

Well Kim would definitely look good in a bikini in a Bond film.

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Kim Kardashian wants to act!

Sep 28, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian wants to be an actress

Kim Kardashian wants to be an actress

Reality television star Kim Kardashian now has dreams of becoming one of Hollywood’s leading actresses! Kim has told the press that she wants to do more acting after a well received role in the hit TV show 90210.

Kardashian told the Brittish newspaper Daily Star Sunday: “I would love to go into acting properly. I’d especially like to do an action film or a romantic comedy, I think that would be really fun.”

Apparently a few directors and studios have already tried to get Kim in their movies, she said: “I had small roles before but I’ve had offers for leading roles and I’m looking at scripts at the moment.”

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