Kim Kardashian to be sued?

Kim Kardashian to be sued?

In recent days a few rumors have popped up about the likelihood of Kris Humphries suing Kim Kardashian for her negative portrayal of him on their reality television shows.

Apparently during the second series of Kourtney and Kim take New York, she has really been laying the boot into Humphries. It was reported that a lawsuit might be on the way, for as much as $10 milion in damages.

US Weekly have reported that he has no interest in suing Kim, but will continue to watch the show to make sure he isn’t being portrayed too poorly. Kim has been making out that Humphries was the main problem in the marriage, which is very doubtful to say the least.

According to Kim, he made fun of her weight! Probably a little bit of simple jesting that the hyper sensitive Kardashian couldn’t take, or a vicious Kris Humphries? A source close to Kardashian said that Humphries said Kim had no talent! Well that one may have been a bit close to the truth..

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