Kim Kardashian Single Again!

Kim Kardashian Single Again!

When we first met Kris Humphries he was described as a small town Minnesota guy who had a special talent at basketball and was thrust into fame unwillingly when he fell in love with Kim Kardashian. Apparently Kris always wanted a small quiet and very normal life in Minnesota and only put up with Kim Kardashian’s fame because he loved her deeply.

Now that story is raveling with a number of revelations about Kris Humphries becoming apparent. For starters, since the announcement of his divorce with Kim Kardashian, he has hired his own publicist. Humphries has also started turning up at paid nightclub appearances and has even talked with people about getting his own cologne and clothing range.

So much for the small town basketball player, he has turned full Hollywood!

This has led to some of Kim Kardashian’s close friends suggesting that Kris is “chasing fame’ now as he became addicted to the Kardashian limelight. Humphries has also been trying to maintain the Kardashian connection, not the usual response to getting a divorce.

Some initial rumors suggested that Kris Humphries pushing for the couple to move to Minnesota was one of the reasons for conflict within the relationship, but if these recent revelations are correct then Humphries wanted the fame and fortune. That means the cause for the divorce was something else. Infidelity?

One side effect of an angry Kris Humphries is that if any new Kim Kardashian sex tapes are in existence, we will know about them soon!

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