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Kim Kardashian Singing

Kim Kardashian singing career coming soon!

Apparently Kim Kardashian is interested in diversifying her career and getting more involved in music! In a new rumor, it is suggested that Kim Kardashian is going to record a debut album with a numnber of pop songs.

A number of rumors about the album are floating around including one involving Milli Vanilli. Apparently Milli Vanilli will be involved in producing the album because Kardashian is a big fan of their music. Milli was quoted as saying: “All she needs to do is move those full, luscious lips to the words and shake that booty in a couple of music videos, and this thing goes platinum”

That particular rumor is fairly dodgy, but another rumor indicates that well known producer and writer “The-Dream” may be involved in the recording. The-Dream has worked with Beyonce and Rihanna in the past, so definitely knows how to get a hit song.

Apparently they are recording already and one person inside the studio says: “Kim’s got a really good voice.”

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Kim Kardashian Pic

Kim Kardashian Pic

Kim Kardashian fans may not be so focused on her most admired body parts over the next few weeks as it has been revealed she may have broken her toe! Kim apparently tripped on a suitcase while staying in a hotel in New York.

Of course she tweeted the whole event, writing: “I knew my clumsiness would catch up with me at some point! I tripped on a suit case on the floor and broke my toe  :-(

So beautiful yet so clumsy! Don’t worry Kim, your fans are willing to put up with your clumsiness. At least there was a small consolation with the hotel providing a chocolate on the pillow which Kim happily munched on before bed, tweeting: “Thank you hotel staff for the little chocolate snack on my pillow! Turn down service is everything… Sometimes milk chocolate makes everything better!”

Kim is still in New York, filming a new reality TV series with sister Kourtney. The show airs in January 2011.

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Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes 2010

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes 2010

Kim Kardashian has shared pictures of her final 4 potential Halloween costumes on Twitter. Kardashian took a number of suggestions from her fans on Twitter and took pictures of herself in the top 4 suggested. Of course all of the costumes are super sexy, and included a skintight leopard outfit, a pirate outfit, a queen of hearts costume and a red riding hood costume.

Kim tweeted on the Queen of Hearts costume:”I was gonna be the queen of hearts but my mom bought the same costume! I could’ve been the ultimate Heart Breaker,”. Just ask Austin Miles and Reggie Bush about that one, I am sure they would agree!

The final choice ended up being Red Riding Hood and her pal Jonathan Cheban dressed as a wolf.

Kimn has apparently been a bit sick lately but Tweeted that she was final feeling better: “It’s November!!!!I finally got a good night sleep and feel so much better! Have the best day ever!!!” Kim is still in New York filming episodes of her reality TV show and enjoying the night clubs in the town.

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