Kim Kardashian gets angry!

Kim Kardashian gets angry!

Kim Kardashian has had a bad month and the anger and disappointment of her failed marriage may be starting to get to her!

On the most recent episode of Kourtney and Kim take New York, Khloe made the mistake of waking Kim up to say goodbye. A tired Kim woke up and ranted: “It’s so rude to like literally wake me up when I have an alarm set”

Khloe was only headed to the Hamptons with Kourtney so Kim could have been woken later. However Kim needed some sleep before going to Minnesota for another meeting with Kris Humphries so perhaps the outburst was related to stress from that!

Kim continued the rant about Khloe, telling Kourtney: “Khloe barged in here and woke me the f**k up. We’ve been working 18 hours a day… You know that I need to sleep. I’ve been falling asleep at everything that we f**king do.” =

Kim wasn’t finished though and sent Khloe a text message, calling her “an evil, ugly little troll.” The moral of the story is not to get on Kim Kardashian’s bad side!

Late on Kim and Khloe made up with the excuse: “I’m sorry, KoKo! You know I love you soooo much! The things sisters do and say to each other.”

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