Kim Kardashian Divorced!

Kim Kardashian Divorced!

After a massive wedding ceremony which was much hyped, and after weeks of detailed preparation, 3 wedding dresses, 400+ guests and ten million dollars, Kim Kardashian got married. Well 72 days later she has filed for divorce!!

Even before the wedding there were rumors of the family not liking Kris Humphries too much, they thought he was an awkward hulk of a man who enjoyed rough housing too much.

72 days is extremely short for a marriage, especially considering they spent most of those 72 days apart working in various locations.

Kardashian is probably what some people term a ‘workaholic’, with numerous projects on the go including perfumes, weight loss products, clothing, shoes while Kris Humphries was always a happy go lucky kind of go with little ambition other than basketball.

We don’t have the exact reasons for the breakup yet, but with Kim Kardashian’s love affair with the media, we will surely know all of the details soon. There are many rumors about what caused the breakup.. The leading suggestions are fighting about money, about having kids, about the relentless filming of reality television shows highlighting every moment of their lives.

For Kris Humphries, a quiet guy from the mid west, having every moment taped by a television camera couldn’t have been easy and perhaps he wanted less of that and Kim wanted more!

But look out guys, now that Kim Kardashian is single we will see her on the prowl before long looking for husband number 2!

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