Kim Kardashian Shoe Dazzle

Kim Kardashian Shoe Dazzle

Kim Kardashian is really having some big successes with her various products and businesses and this has been continued with Kardashian endorsed “ShoeDazzle” starting to really take off.

The company makes affordable and stylish shoes for women, which Kim Kardashian is frequently seen modeling. They aren’t too expensive, so the average woman can afford to wear them and obtain the same style as Kim. The company has announced that it received a new $40 million investment from a venture capital firm.

The chief executive of ShoeDazzle claims that it will help the company get into new markets including the UK, and eventually into asian markets. It looks like the UK can expect to see more of Kim Kardashian in the future as she models her shoes there.

The investment company has previously invested in companies like Skype, Facebook and Foursquare, so they know a good investment when they see one.

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