Kim Kardashian monster truck

Kim Kardashian monster truck

Kim Kardashian recently declared that she loves her big booty and that love for big things appears to be continuing! In a funny segment for Keep up with the Kardashians recently Kim was driving a super sized truck around Los Angeles. A dangerous event for many sharing the road with Kardashian one would think.

Driving a truck the size of a house also has a slender-ing effect on the driver – you would have to look tiny next to that thing!

Usually Kardashian drives one of her UK cars, either the Range Rover or Bentley. So to see her in a huge gas guzzling US built car is unusual to say the least. Unfortunately for Kim and Kourtney they ended up with a flat tire while driving around town in the massive vehicle.

Kim tweeted the entire drama of course writing: “Riding around with @KourtneyKardash in a pick up truck. Its like a monster truck & kinda fun!”, then 20 minutes later: “We just got a flat tire….fun.”

Nothing as funny as two hot ladies wearing high heels, driving a monster sized truck and getting a flat tire! Kim is so short she needed a boost to get into the passenger seat, but the mechanics were rushing to help.. Eventually Kim realized that yes, the truck was far too big for her!

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