Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner New York

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner New York

Kim Kardashian appears to have taken Kendall Jenner under her wing and is helping her younger sister into the world of modeling! Kendall has shown a real interest in becoming a model, and has done numerous photo shoots already, despite not even being 17 yet.

Kim and Kendall arrived in New York recently and Kendall appeared to sharing the same style of clothes as her older sister, skinny jeans and huge sweaters were the go.

Kendall alsways seems to look older than she is because of her height, so Kim has to keep guard on her and make sure she doesn’t get hit on by male models at these events.

Kendall was well aware of the paparazzi at the airport and was seen striking a few poses to get the best shots into the magazines..

Kim Kardashian is cheering Kendall’s modeling success on via Twitter: “So excited to be here in NYC with @KendallJenner! Its gonna be a fun modelling fashion weekend! Big shoot tomorrow so early night! Xo”

Kendall recently signed with Wihelmina Models, so is expecting to get a lot more work soon. Check out the pic of the sisters and some modeling pics from Kendall.

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