Kim Kardashian shopping

Kim Kardashian shopping

Kim Kardashian was busy maintaining her looks yesterday with some shopping and trips to a beauty parlor. Kim Kardashian was rugged up to battle the rainy weather and smiled happily for the press that was following her around.

Kim hit the salon first for a beauty treatment then, went out for some clothes shopping with a friend.

Apparently it wasn’t all pleasure though, she also had a business meeting. Kardashian tweeted: “Just left a huge Sears meeting! You guys are gonna LOVE our new collection! Can’t wait for it to launch!!!!!”

and after that, another meeting with a perfume manufacturer for her 2011 fragrance, she tweeted: “Ok now heading to a fragrance meeting. I need a name for my new perfume! Any cool ideas?”

Just after news was released about Elizabeth Taylors death was released, Kim tweeted about her admiration for the star, twittering: “I am so saddened about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor! She will always be my idol!”

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