Kim Kardashian Fashion Mistake?

Kim Kardashian Fashion Mistake?

Kim Kardashian is usually impeccably presented, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, the clothes. Usually her outfits are showing off her best assets, that is cleavage or her incredible booty.

It’s unusual to see Kim hiding those assets or wearing unflattering clothes. But at a pre-oscars party Kim was spotted doing both of those things! Kardashian arrived at the QVC Red Carpet Style Party last night wearing what looked like slacks, yes slacks!

Waist high tapered trousers which made her look shorter than her normal petities self was a strange choice. The top half looked impeccable as usual, but the bottom half we aren’t so sure about…

The yellow heels were also a bit garish for some style reporters, so this one can be chalked up as a fashion fail, a pretty rare occaision for Kim Kardashian!

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