Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumors

Well Kim Kardashian has decided to bust some rumors about some cosmetic surgery she supposedly had last week. After some pictures circulated showing Kim Kardashian with some puffy looking lips and the gossip mills suggested she must have had botox injections.

Kardashian explained it: I have the flu. I’m puffy and swollen and I have no makeup on. Why would I just do my bottom lip? Kim continued: Trust me, I’ve tried Botox on the show,” she told Extra. “I’m the first one to talk about anything that I do. It really pisses me off that all of these plastic surgery rumors are always linked to me.

Rumor busted. And besides.. Kim Kardashian has always had lucious lips, why would she bother injecting them with Botox?

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