Kim Kardashian in High School

Kim Kardashian in High School

In a recent interview with the Kardashian sisters we saw how much Khloe and Kourtney get stuck into sister Kim Kardashian when she says lame things. In an interview Kim Kardashian lamented about the times at High School when she was left eating lunch ago and how traumatic those experiences where (being a “Loner”).

Kim said: “I would shake if I had to go eat by myself, Like if my friends were in different classes or I couldn’t find them at lunch time. I would shake.” aww poor Kim.

Kourtney couldn’t help herself after hearing that comment and said: “Kim would probably go in the bathroom and lock herself in and eat in there,”

“What a miserable life you led,” Khloe said, continuing, “Thank God you have us now. Is that why you like us now? She probably really hates us and doesn’t want to be alone in interviews, so that’s why she’s friends with us.”

It looks like Kourtney and Khloe both love dishing it out to their hot sister!

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