Kim Kardashian Dash Store New York

Kim Kardashian Dash Store New York

Kim Kardashian is turning into an astute businesswoman as she gets into even more into the fashion industry. Kardashian has opened a new Dash store in New York and had a private party to launch the shop last night.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were all in attendance at the party which also had a number of celebrities turn up including Kanye West. Kanye is rumored to be helping Kim Kardashian record some music, which we are kind of looking forward to hearing soon.

Kim Kardashian seems to open a Dash store wherever she has filmed a reality TV show, with other Dash stores being in Miami and Los Angeles. The opening was packed, eith hundreds of Kardashian fans taking pictures and waiting to see which celebrities arrived.

Kim tweeted about the whole event of course, telling her 5 million followers: “Can’t believe we have officially opened up another Dash! Thank u to all of our amazing fans who came out to support [it].” It’s not the first commercial side project for Kim who also sells perfume, clothes, shoes, weight loss products and skin care. Apparently she will also be getting into finance soon, with Kardashian themed Mastercards going on sale soon.

Kim was quoted as saying: “I’ve always been a businesswoman, Any time my fans are asking about something [from weight loss to skincare] I’ll come up with a product that I know they’ll like.”

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