Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian

Earlier this year Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber were seen frolicking on a beach, this sent Bieber fans into an angry frenzy, attacking Kim for being in a romantic relationship with someone… 13 years younger than her. Kardashian is an elderly 29, while Bieber just hit 16. Now we know why they were frolicking on the beach, they were doing a photoshoot for Elle magazine!

The photoshoot was in the theme of “The Graduate” the famous film in which a young man falls for an older woman. So we have “old woman” Kardashian at 29 seducing young man Bieber at 16. That’s not to say Bieber isn’t infatuated by Kim Kardashian. In fact he is still tweeting about her and messaging her on his Blackberry in a semi-stalkerish way.

Bieber says: “I have her on BlackBerry Messenger and we, like, talk all the time. She’s really beautiful so that was… I mean, any 16-year-old would want to do a photo shoot with her. Beyond just being, like, extremely hot, she’s actually, you know, a really nice person.”

Justin might have a thing for the older ladies, previously having crushes on Rihanna and Beyonce. It seems the little man has great taste when it comes to women at least.

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