Kim Kardashian Topless Bikini

.. yet.

Despite Kim reuniting with foozball boyfriend Reggie Bush, the curvy Kim Kardashian is not looking to wreck her body with pregnancy anytime soon. Kim told E! News: “People ask if you want children and I say yes, and then it’s like ‘Kim’s desperate for a baby!’”.

Kim was caught on tape at the Zeugari Fashion Show, where some models wore her ShoeDazzle shoes

Kardashian went on to elaborate: “My sister is having a baby and it’s such a fun, exciting time,” she explained. “I would definitely hope to have kids one day soon…not too soon, but one day!”. Apparently adoption isn’t on the agenda either.

Kim is also committed to Twitter we found out this week. Recently some celebs (including Miley Cyrus) have left the popular social chat service. Kardashian explains: “I hope to tweet for life! I love interacting with everyone. I love the fact that you can ask a question and get a response instantly. It’s like instant gratification.”

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